Kirsten is HOT in the Grunge


This past Saturday could not have been an hotter!  August in North Carolina means HOT.  Combine that with rain everyday and you get HUMID.  Combine the two and I think that is called SWELTERING.  I belive that Kirsten lived up to SWELTERING. 

We entered a run down building that is about to undergo renovation in hopes of finding  HIGH CONTRAST backgrounds that would spark up with a technique known as High Dynamic Range.  Kirsten was as excited as I was and really got into her “Grunge” Theme.  She is an especially talented model and a real creative partner. 


With  temperatures reaching 100 F we left the cool of the first floor and we moved to the third floor we found the light we wanted but MAN was it HOT!!!  The HIGH NOON light penetrated thru 100 year old glass.  Perfect light–but this ain’t an air conditioned Studio!! 


Kirsten worked hard to make this shoot so successful.  You can have sessions just like this by calling us at Chandler Studios 910 324 1646 or visit our website at and see what we can do for you!! 

To see more images from her session visit our FB page by clicking into FB at this link: 


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