Megan in the Background!

We entered this session knowing exactly what we wanted to do.  Megan brought a great wardrobe to the session and I set up lighting to make it look like we were outside.  Summer in North Carolina does not always compliment the “Environmental” setting that is all the rage.  So we wanted to prove you can have an Urban Look while still enjoying the comfort of a Studio Setting. 

Megan in Tunnel

This technique is known as compositing and it can provide a client with exactly what they are looking for.   In fact this technique allows for a genuine  partnership between photographer and client.  This makes the session REALLY FUN. 


Matching sets and settings with the client’s mood an taste is my goal.  Megan wanted something different.  She was looking for something beyond the usual “Railroad Tracks” kind of image.  Here you can see what we were able to do.  This session was a wonderful collaboration.   


And we still found time for a new twist on the old “Head and Shoulders” look.  I love how hard she works and how great she looks. 

If you would like to see more of what we can do for you visit our website at and you can see her album at our FB page by clicking here:

Professional Portrait Photography by Chandler Studios.  910 324 1646

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