Olivia in a New Light(s)

It is always a joy to work with Olivia in the Studio and she is always there to help me when I bring either new equipment, backdrops, or lights into the Studio.  Once again Olivia helps me introduce the newest in On Camera Flash equipment coupled with matching Off Camera flash.  These flash assemblies are made by the Quantum Company and allow me to create Studio quality lighting in your home or on location.   I love these new flash assemblies and they really like Olivia!  Here is a short portfolio of Olivia working with the newest in portable flash photography!!


These new flash units gives me the ability to establish a Studio quality lighting ratios that allows me to control the contrast across Olivia.  This is what gives her image a feeling of depth in lighting.    1_7007510_FB

Olivia gives me an opportunity to capture this image using stronger light on the left side of her image that what is on the right side.   I  love this subtle gradient of light across her.


Even in a close up the new lights allow me to control the contrast of light moving across her face.  The shadows from this lighting ratio compliment her features which separates this image from the usual flight lighting that you get from a single ON CAMERA flash.  Here I used two Quantum flashes to get the contrast.


Such a wonderful smile because she is not being blinded by the light.  These flashes only expose the subject to the right amount of light and then stop.  Using Thru the Lens Metering (TTL) these Quantum Flashes use the Nikon Cameras metering system to emit only that exact amount of light needed to properly light her and her background too!!


Olivia is such a pleasure to work with!  Cannot wait to take these new Quantum Flashes outside.  But we shall wait for it to cool down just a bit before you see those images!

And then at the end of the day we just had to have some fun!!!

If you want images like these call us at Chandler Studios and log on to our website at www.Chandler-Studios.com so you can see what we can do for you.  Call us anytime at 910 324 1646.

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