Trista is Dangerously Beautiful!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph and work with Trista for several years now and I have seen her become more and more comfortable in front of the camera.   She is beautiful and a real pleasure to work with.  The scarves she is wearing in this images  were brought home from Afghanistan.  But more on that later….

1_D804428_FB She brought these scarves back home after her SECOND combat tour.  One in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  


We made the image below after she returned from Iraq and was preparing for her tour to Afghanistan in 2011.  On her tour to AF she volunteered to deploy as a member of the Marine Corps Female Engagement Teams.  These all female teams, nicknamed “Lioness”  augment the combat patrols that go into small cities and villages allowing them to speak with the AF women who are forbidden to speak to men not their father or husband.   She was not setting behind a desk pushing paper, but out in the hinterlands on patrol and in harm’s way.   She has a real special beauty. 

Here is an image we call “Dangerously Beautiful” 


You can have images like these , made for you to suit your inspiration and imagination!  Please visit our web site at or call us at 910 324 1646.    

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