GIRLS, Girls, girls……

The joy of my profession is to watch the “Circle of Life” revolve around me.  This installment on my blog will show you that kind of joy. 

Just a few years ago we booked a young lady in the Studio for her Senior Portraits.  Heather was just a pleasure to photograph and come to know.  Her family is a staunch American family that boasts a retired Marine Father and and now an  Active Duty Marine husband for Heather. 

A couple years later along came her sister Megan for her Senior portraits.  Another wonderful experience.  She and I have partnered on many great sessions in the Studio since then.  Her portfolio continues to grow! 

So today we had Megan, Heather AND Heather’s NINE month old daughter EMMA!!  What a joy to see that “Circle of Life” continue to grow in our Studio. 


Aren’t they three adorable and beautiful girls!! 


Emma’s Daddy is currently serving in Afghanistan with the US Marines.  We sure hope that he can see these pictures and stays alert and safe!! 


I am really blessed to have wonderful ladies like these come and visit our Studio! 


If you would like to have images like these please call us at Chandler Studios at 910 324 1646 or check out our work at our website:

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