“Portraits for Her” make Olivia smile!!

These images were captured during a recent “Portrait for Her!” session here at Chandler Studios.  Olivia, a college student, decided to take some time out and have some individual portraits made.  These will make great gifts for her Parents but even better yet what a great gift these are for herself or for her boyfriend.  



This, and the images that follow were all captured in our Studio using only available light from either the windows or soft Studio lights that accentuate her natural beauty and do not overpower skin tones or need excessive touch up in post processing. You will love this new way of doing old things in Photography!_7008141c

Softness and textures show thru and we leave the harsh lighting out of our images.


And of course the “EYES HAVE IT!” and Olivia loves this image.  If you like our approach to Photography we can turn your session at Chandler Studios into a “Portraits for Her” session.  Call Teresa at 910 324 1646 for your appointment.  You will love the Boutique feel of our Studio where you will not set in a waiting room or be escorted to a City Park for your session.  Come join us and create your own Portrait for Her.  These make great gifts for him and YOU!!  

Visit us at www.Chandler-Studios.com  or on facebook_logo9[5]

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