Posted in November 2012

Lunch with Tessa

This past weekend our North Carolina weather did not know what is was going to be;  winter, fall or summer?  So Tessa and I chose a location that would provide a gritty background but still show off what she loves and she loves rebuilding old cars!   Since she is comfortable inside a garage that is … Continue reading

Soft as Cotton

Yesterday was a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day.  The cotton fields look as if they were softly covered in snow.  It was simply a great day to spend some time behind the lens and capture these images of Olivia.   We captured these images at “High Noon” which is supposedly the witching hour for Photographers.   But … Continue reading

Ashley steps in front of a Camera!

Today was just a perfect day to do what we had been planning to do for months.  But we had to wait for Ashley to be ready and when you see the images you will understand why the wait was worth it!  Obviously we had to time the growth of Ashley’s baby with the harvest … Continue reading