Ashley steps in front of a Camera!

Today was just a perfect day to do what we had been planning to do for months.  But we had to wait for Ashley to be ready and when you see the images you will understand why the wait was worth it!  Obviously we had to time the growth of Ashley’s baby with the harvest of the local cotton crop.  AND it was worth it! 



Ashley is a student studying Studio Photography with me at Chandler Studios.  So she is very comfortable and capable behind the lens.  Today was her day to stand in front of the glass and she made it a beautiful day! 





Waiting for Brooklyn2

If you like our approach to Photography we can turn your session at Chandler Studios into anything you want!   Call Teresa at 910 324 1646 for your appointment. You will love the Boutique feel of our Studio where you will not set in a waiting room or be escorted to a City Park for your session. Come join us and create your own Portrait Session. 

Visit us at or on facebook_logo9[5]

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