Christen and Gregg tie the knot!

On a cool afternoon at the Becker Winery in the Hill Country of Texas Christen Stollar,  wearing a Champagne colored knee length hand embroidered dress married  Gregg Chandler in a simple,  elegant ceremony  officiated by the Rev, Bill Bischoff, witnessed by their friends James and Jan Dockery and in the presence of their parents!   The peace of the vineyard came alive to the laughing and celebration of Christen and Gregg. 


Christen and Gregg were married beneath a shapely Live Oak tree and adjacent to the Vineyard’s main hall in a relaxing setting that let friends and family enjoy the afternoon’s setting sun. 




Here you see Gregg getting some last minute advice from Butch.  Christen’s Dad, as Gregg hands him the dowry that was demanded before the wedding could occur.  Butch settled for one Camel and five goats and as you can see he is not all that pleased.


The Wedding Party



May God be with you and bless you

May you see your children’s children

May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in Blessings

May you know nothing but happiness

from this day forward.


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