UNRAVEL the Mysteries of your Camera at Chandler Studios

January 26th, 2013 from 8:30 am to 5pm

If you are one of the many lucky folks who have a new DIGITAL CAMERA and have learned just how confusing the USER MANUAL can be then we have a great WORKSHOP just for you!  Join us at Chandler Studios and learn from John Chandler (a Certified Professional Photographer) how simple your camera can really be! 

This workshop emphasizes LEARN BY DOING, not learn by just listening or watching us.


5100 Hat

Your digital cameras can provide you with Professional Quality results and this Workshop will show you how you can get them!  This ONE DAY Workshop is focused teaching you all the primary functions and settings for YOUR Camera.   If you learn the BASICS first your camera will be FUN.

Do all the settings on your DIAL CONFUSE YOU?

             Nikon Mode                    Canon Mode

You will explore what MODE is the best for each situation you  use your camera in?   ARE YOU TIRED OF BLURRY IMAGES?  You will learn how to stop the blur and capture the ACTION that you want!

When you join this workshop you will learn:

1. What ISO means and how to choose the right setting for each situation for your camera.

2. What White Balance means and how important this is to creating great photographs.

3. What each Capture Mode does ranging from FULLY AUTOMATIC to completely MANUAL.

4. How to set up your camera for indoor and outdoor photography.

Side shot

5.  How to use your FLASH indoors and outdoors and why each is so important.

Lunch is included!

Models will be available for you to work with so you can immediately apply what you are learning. 

This workshop is limited to eight photographers so register early by calling Teresa at 910 324 1646

Cost is $125

Santa Class

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