Photography is so much more rewarding when you have known your clients for a long time.  Heidi is the daughter of Richard and Melissa.  I have known Melissa since she was a young girl in my Sunday School class.   She was a really big part of a Mission trip we took to Jamaica and now Melissa is Richard’s wife and Heidi’s Mom!   While we were doing her Maternity session Dad actually had input (beyond the usual “whatever you think”) .  He was really excited about doing  a location shoot for Heidi on his Harley Davidson.  I mean Dad was in it!!  So here are some shots from Dad’s location session. 

HEIDI-DAVIDSON V1 w smoke and logo_FB

This is a Poster Size image that I think summarizes the entire session!  As you can see Dad has quite a ride and combining his love for Heidi with his love for the Harley has been a lot of fun for both of us.   Here are a few more. 


This is a 10×20 that we like to frame in a black frame making this image “Nail Ready.”   These images come in a Quick Mat and really stretch the amount of high quality  images you can get on your wall—quickly!    Just a few more. 


And just one from the Studio


We have a great full service Studio in Richlands, NC.  We also travel for exciting location shoots, weddings, family and military events too.  If you like our work, give us a call.  There is no memory too small for us to preserve with Professional Photography aimed at satisfying your needs.   Let our ARTWORK DECORATE YOU HOME!   Call us at 910 324 1646

Visit us at www.Chandler-Studios.com or on facebook_logo9[5]

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