Chandler Studios presents “A SPARE ROOM STUDIO” Weekend Workshop on January 18-19th 2014.

If you want to get more from your SPARE ROOM Studio and the investment you have made in Digital Photography come join John and Teresa at Chandler Studios and have FUN while they help improve your skills in just one weekend. Learn to turn your SPARE ROOM into a profit center for your Photography business. These workshops are all “Hands On” at Chandler Studios. THIS WEEKEND WORKSHOP IS LIMITED TO EIGHT (8) STUDENTS.

What will you get?

Day One gets you right into the Spare Room Studio where you learn how to convert your SPARE ROOM into a working professional camera room.  This full day session shows you what you need and more importantly what you don’t need. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY by learning what you need, not what a vendor wants you to have. At the end of day one you will know how to position light, how to reflect light, meter light with a hand held light meter and learn the basics of Studio posing with equipment that is well within your reach to understand.  We will be with you, coaching your photography and answering your questions all day.   Lunch is included.


Day Two starts in the Studio and then takes Studio techniques OUTDOORS adding to your repertoire. John and Teresa’s years of Wedding Photography experience will expand and challenge your skills. You are going to gain confidence with outdoor fill flash photography (a must at weddings). Additionally, you build confidence with the light meter in your camera and using a hand held light meter as well. All you need is your camera. Lunch is included.

Are you afraid of your flash? 


Most aspiring photographers often overlook what an external flash can do for them. You will learn to harness the energy of the flash giving depth to your outdoor AND indoor images. Sign up for this weekend Workshop for $349 or sign up with a buddy and its just $299 each. You will learn more in this one weekend than others will learn in a year of experimenting with books and YouTube videos.

Who attends our Workshops?
Photographers who have made the leap from Passion to Profession and want to take it to the next level AND want the most from their SPARE ROOM Studio!

image   John is a Certified Professional Photographer credentialed by the Professional Photographers of America

Call John or Teresa at 910 324 1646 or email them at

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