Fine Art Portraits from Chandler Studios

What discerns a “Fine Art” portrait from a Studio Portrait?  Webster defines fine art as “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness….”


     While this image was created to be a Fine Art Portrait it began as an image created primarily for aesthetic purposes and can be judged for its beauty and meaningfulness!   Our hand re-touching and painterly techniques takes the presentation beyond just a portrait and into a Fine Art Portrait making this a one of a kind image.
Fine Art Portraiture DOES NOT rely on Post Processing in Photoshop or Corel Painter.  While these are are finishing tools the artist may choose to use.  The basis for Fine Art is the image capture.  In capturing this image we used a four light Flash set up and a Virtual Background system.  Light and color balance along with masterful posing provides the basis for the Fine Art Portrait.  Using a Virtual Background system allows Chandler Studios to inject the background into the portrait at the time of capture.  THIS IS NOT GREEN SCREEN but a photographic tool not unlike a flash or a camera that melds the subject, a constructed set and the background into the camera at the speed of light.  (click here for more about Virtual Backgrounds) 
Here is a look at the image at Capture


    Here you can see the background is “injected” into the capture.  We have an very large selection of backgrounds that are images from around the world.  These brings the “One of a Kind” to your Fine ART Portrait. 
    Beginning with a portrait quality image we then combine tools of the both the digital darkroom and the Painter’s Palette.  Hand retouching the curves and flow of the silks and fabrics while also giving the subject a painterly look results in the Fine Art touch we seek. 


    In order to meet the demands of our clients we, as Artists, are able to change the mood of the lighting and the character of the subject.  An individually customized Fine Art Portrait is the result of our collaboration with our clients and their desires. 


     From “dark and sultry” to “light and airy” we provide the look our customers are looking for in their Fine Art Portrait.  When printed on Canvas and framed to the customer’s taste these Portraits are Heirloom quality Fine Art Portraits that will be handed down for generations to come. 

Are you ready for Fine Art Portraits! 

Schedule your appointment today by calling Chandler Studios at 910 324 1646

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