Chandler Studios Presents

A Short Course on Digital Photography

September 27-28 2014

An exciting Weekend Workshop  that will open your eyes to what your Camera and Photoshop can do for you.  This is a HANDS ON experience that will help and guide you to better understand your camera, a flash and lighting, and the engine that powers LightRoom and Photoshop. 

Cost is $349. Bring a friend and its only $299 each. 

Call John or Teresa at 910 324 1646.  Seats are limited to only six students so reserve your seat early.

Here is an agenda of the Workshop


101 Introduction to your Camera. In this first session you will learn how to gain control of your camera and its controls. Metering, Modes, White Balance, ISO, etc.  If you want to improve your photography you have to learn how to tame your camera so it will do what you want it to do.

Exposure Guide

102 Light and Exposure. Learning to expose your pictures correctly will make a big difference if you want a rich image with realistic tones and detailed shadows. You will learn to trust both a hand help meter and the light meter in your camera (and when to use each).


103 Flash photography – Indoors. You will apply all that you have learned in 101 & 1023 by beginning to properly expose images using your flash indoors. A model is provided.


104 Flash photography –Outdoors.  In this class you take what you learned  indoors and learn how to use Fill Flash outdoors. You will learn to trust your camera’s light meter even more and the importance of learning all that TTL can do for you. . A model is provided.


105 Intro to Studio Lighting. You and your camera will enter the Studio and learn about light strength, lighting patterns, posing, & light modifiers that will turn your images into Portraits! . A model is provided.

Photoshop for 360

201 Intro to Photoshop. You will learn how the Photoshop “Engine” works and how each of the tools can be utilized to edit your images. You will also learn the importance of Layers, Levels, Curves and Selections too!

Shadow Highlights in Color Layer

202  Using Photoshop. You will put all that you have learned into practice by learning to construct a Composite image from images you have made in earlier sessions!


203 Visualizing the Image. You are ready to capture and finish the images you see. Now you have control of your camera and you know what it can really do for you! . A model is provided.


Additional Instructions:

You will need to purchase “A Short Course in Digital Photography” London and Stone (I recommend using and purchase the USED editions).

Please bring: All Camera Equipment and your Laptop. Photoshop Elements is required.

Call John or Teresa at 910 324 1646 to reserve your seat in this WORKSHOP.  Seats are limited to only SIX STUDENTS so register early.


John is a Certified Professional Photographer credentialed by the Professional Photographers of America

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