A Workshop on Lighting Essentials for the Digital Photographer–17-18 January 2015

Many aspiring photographers often overlook what an external flash can do for them. You will learn to harness the energy of the flash giving depth to your outdoor AND indoor images. Sign up for this weekend Workshop for $349 or sign up with a buddy and its just $299 each. You will learn more in this one weekend than others will learn in a year of experimenting with books and YouTube videos.

A Chandler Studios Workshop for you on the 17-18th of January. 

Ten (10) things you will learn in this WORKSHOP

1.  You will learn the advantages of using ON CAMERA and OFF CAMERA flash.

2. You will learn to employ a speedlight in either TTL or Manual to improve your indoor and OUTDOOR photography.  


3. You will learn and understand the workings of common photographic lighting modifiers such as reflectors, diffusers, bouncers, barn doors, etc.

4. You will understand what lighting systems are(speedlights, monolights, continuous light, etc.) and how they can improve your imaging.

5. You will learn how to utilize wireless triggers and evaluate which type of remote triggers are best for you and your photographic demands.

6. You will understand and employ the advantages of the HISTOGRAM in your photography.

7.  You will learn the various methods to create and use a Custom White Balance. 


8. You will learn to use a hand held light meter or improve your ability to use the light meter built into your digital camera.

9. Be able to make reliable photographs in all lighting conditions as permitted by the equipment you own or are considering purchasing.


10. Analyze and critique photos in order to improve your  photography by making corrections to aperture, depth of field, shutter speed and lighting techniques you have learned to utilize.

What do you need to succeed in this Workshop. 

Bring your camera and any speedlight you currently own. 

I will provide all extra flashes (either Studio or Speedlight) and any other equipment or accessory that you may need to assist your learning. 

Models and lunch are provided for both days. 

Fine Print:  Cost is $349 per student.  There is a $50 discount if you come with a buddy reducing your tuition to $299.  This class requires a minimum of four students.  Tuition includes a 50 page handbook on lighting, a posing guide, lunch and hands on instruction for two days at Chandler Studios. 


CALL 910 324 1646 to reserve your seat. 

Who attends our Workshops?

Photographers who have made the leap from Passion to Profession who want to take their lighting and their images to the next level.

John Chandler is an active member in the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of North Carolina and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).


Call 910 324 1646 to register for any or all of these exciting and educational workshops

3 thoughts on “A Workshop on Lighting Essentials for the Digital Photographer–17-18 January 2015

  1. I had the pleasure of taking courses with Chandler Studios and it has made such a difference in my work. John is patient, kind, easy to understand, takes his time teaching and even will go out of his way to help you. Thank you John for going above and beyond and being someone I look up to. Look forward to learning more from you!

  2. Being able to have a creative thought and be able to have it come out of your camera as you imagined is an amazing feeling. In 2011, after taking classes at the college that just didn’t give me what I needed, I spent time with John in his beginner class. I learned the basics, and was encouraged to shoot on RAW. I have never looked back. Having a strong foundation to build on is so crucial. If you are interested in exploring what you can create with your camera, take a class with John. The sky is the limit, if you start with a good foundation.

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