Getting the MOST out of what you have!

We left the Studio and traveled quite a lot this past Fall and Winter.  Many times I am asked about what is a good Travel Camera.  Well this year I had to answer my own question. 

While traveling is fun, lugging all the camera gear gets old quick, AND I did have a desire to get into the “Mirrorless” camera craze too.  So I scratched my itch and purchased a Nikon 1 J4. 

Camera Kit J4


Nikon 1 J4 Kit has a 10-30mm and a 30-100mm lens.  The secret, I think, is the interchangeable lens mount.   On sale at for $468.98



Here is an image captured with this kit in Salzburg, Austria. 


Now here is some really cool news for Nikon Photographers.  Nikon has introduced a Lens Mount (TF-1) for the Nikon 1 that enables you to mount all your Nikon F glass to this marvelous little mirror-less camera!


TF-1 AdapterCamera with lens

This Nikon TF-1 F Mount is $236.95 at

Here are several images I captured this afternoon using the Nikon 1 J4 with a Nikon 105mm F2.8 on the TF-1 mount. 




This image was captured at 1/80 F3.2 at ISO 1600.  The subject was across the room about 11 feet away.  Shot off hand with VR on. 







This image was captured about the same distance away (11 feet) using 1/200 f2.8 at ISO6400






Now this image is AMAZING.  Captured at 1/16000th at f 3.0 at ISO 6400. 

Yes, that is 1/16000th of a second shutter speed. 



So if you are planning to travel soon and do not feel like taking your Studio Bodies with you but would not mind taking one or two of your favorite lens this set up may be just what your looking for. 

Attention Nature and Bird Photographers.

This setup with the Nikon 1 J Series will give you 2.7 x Magnification to your F lens.  And you can use DX lenses too.  So you have a light weight, mirrorless (SILENT) high performance camera that you can carry anywhere!  You can even place a 300mm f2.8 that will result in 300×2,7= 810.  So you will have the equivalent focal length of 810mm!  I cannot wait to try mine out in the back yard.  Stay tuned for that BLOG!! 

The Nikon 1 J4 has been discontinued by Nikon and replaced by the J5.  Same kit, great performance for $646.95.  It has a few more bells and whistles.  (Maybe a great  Christmas present for me.)

If you have any questions about this equipment and how I am using it you can contact me at  You can visit our website at .  My Facebook page is:

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