Passion is just not enough

  Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. In example “a passion for photography.” When you scan any number of Photographer websites or Facebook pages you are certain to find the word “passion” as the artist defines their personal connections with photography. Passion is certainly a component that a creative artist … Continue reading

Chandler Studios Presents

A Short Course on Digital Photography September 27-28 2014 An exciting Weekend Workshop  that will open your eyes to what your Camera and Photoshop can do for you.  This is a HANDS ON experience that will help and guide you to better understand your camera, a flash and lighting, and the engine that powers LightRoom … Continue reading

Fine Art Portraits from Chandler Studios

What discerns a “Fine Art” portrait from a Studio Portrait?  Webster defines fine art as “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness….”      While this image was created to be a Fine Art Portrait it began as an image created primarily for aesthetic … Continue reading

How much FLASH can I afford?

As a mentor, teacher, guide and just plain friend to other photographers I am often asked “What is a good flash.” We have always had the prestigious labels of Nikon and Canon who build Speedlights that complement the performance of their flagship cameras. But we also have always had brands like Metz, Vivitar, and Quantum … Continue reading

Photography Workshop Series

Chandler Studios presents a series of individual Photography Workshops designed to allow Photographers the opportunity to “Plug and Play” our workshops into your schedule.  ALL WORKSHOPS ARE LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS Session 1 March 1st 2014    Time:  1-3 pm  Cost $45  Introduction to your Camera. In this first session you will learn how to gain … Continue reading

Frankenstein Lighting

I am on a quest to repurpose inexpensive (I mean really inexpensive) flashes into a “Frankenstein Setup that will yield Studio quality light at a fraction of the price.  I have to thank Paulina Gwaltney for naming this lighting device?  And her name really makes sense because I have actually raised some old flashes from … Continue reading

A Short Course on Digital Photography

An eight week workshop beginning on January 28th  from   6 – 8 pm each Tuesday Night.  Cost is $349. Bring a friend and its only $299 each. Call John or Teresa at 910 324 1646.  Seats are limited to only six students so reserve your seat early.  Week 1 28 Jan 2014 Introduction to your … Continue reading

Children can be the Center of our Attention!!

We love parents who trust us with capturing images of their infant children.  These sessions are always special.  We set aside several hours to each child knowing that children take time.  They “allow” you to photograph them.  You cannot drive them into a good pose.  Patience is necessary and you cannot rush the child.  We … Continue reading